Board Charter and Corporate Governance

The Turner Securities Ltd Board charter of responsibilities includes the following:

  • Setting the strategic direction of the Company including organic growth and growth through acquisitions;
  • Appointment of the Managing Director and succession planning for executive management;
  • Approval of the operating and capital expenditure budgets;
  • Reviewing financial reports;
  • Monitoring compliance with the law, Trust Deed, licensing and other regulatory requirements

Some of these functions are performed by the Board directly and some are referred to Board committees (which may include senior management or external professional advisers as necessary in addition to Board Directors) whose role is to report, take action within Board approved parameters and to make recommendations to the Board for approval as required.

The identification and appointment of suitable candidates for the Board appointments will at all times be determined on the need for individuals with high integrity, experience, a record of achievement and a necessary balance of skills relevant to the activities and operating environment of the Company.

Turner Securities provides a consistent monthly income

for investors through fixed interest Secured Note Investments, backed by registered first mortgages over real property in Australia.